Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas photo shoot at the Doyle's

Last week we decided it would be nice to take some Christmas photos of the dogs and us and put them in Christmas cards.  Seemed like a great idea.  So we rearranged some things, set our small Christmas tree up on the coffee table, got the tripod and camera set up and ready.  All of this took about an hour - and we were finally ready.  Here are the pics.

We're ready to get started.

Well that was fun.  Just seconds after the last photo was shot Maizy knocked over the Christmas tree.
We did not get a picture of that.  


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ourbusandus said...

Dogs will be dogs, they never look the right way when you want them too, ha, ha, but, ya gotta love them anyway.

Come on, it's May!!! What have you been doing all this time??? We should be at the KOA in West Yellowstone by Saturday afternoon, slowly making our way through Utah, at Cedar City tonight. Will be posting some pics on our blog when we get settled in.

Hugs, Sharon & Ron