Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Newest Member of the Doyle Family

Tug of war with Daddy's foot.

He sleeps really well.

Lately we have been thinking about getting a puppy. Then the decision seemed to be made for us when our good friends, Kathy and Bruce Johnston told us about a friend of theirs who was looking for homes for 9 pups. The upshot was that Nancy and Kathy traveled over 200 miles to Missoula Montana to pick up Toby. He is half Border Collie and half Black Lab. He's getting used to his new home, well, actually he has taken most of it over. He's very smart and a little headstrong. He goes to work with Nancy almost every day at the campground office and he loves riding in the golf cart. He plays with his "cousins" Ginger, Daisy and Patty (Bruce and Kathy's dogs) almost every day.