Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday before Mardi Gras

Ten vehicles left Betty's RV park and made a convoy to a farm just outside the town of Church Pointe La. for a Mardi Gras parade and "Chicken Run". We got our vehicles parked and were given an area to ourselves between two farm buildings, which was great becaus it was a cool, breezy morning.

Below are Boomers, Rich & Terri Deacon. Terri, with her loud whistle, is our official attention getter. It's a fingers under the tongue thing.

Where there are Boomers there is FOOD!
The folks who owned the property had a party set up on one side of the farm and roasted a couple of pigs.

We were set up on the other side and had a grill set up. Everyone brought their own food (a lot of which was shared) and each had a cooler full of assorted beverages.

We were close to the end of the parade route and the first to arrive were the "Revelers".

Nancy trying to steal a turkey leg from a reveler.

Somewhere under this group is a panicky chicken that will be part of the night's gumbo.

Betty Bernard, the owner of Betty's RV park has as much fun, if not more, than the rest of us.

Watch for flying beads!

Tom & Nancy doing Jello Shots also from the floats. At a certain point we got tired of catching beads & started yelling "Throw Beer". Only one guy threw a can of Bud Light. Tom thoroughly enjoyed it.

Anything goes!

Boomer Joyce Space caught an unusual ride.

These folks have had a long hard ride and they are still smiling.

Nancy Tidball wearing her catch.

Nancy and French Canadian friend Jean Pierre.

Aint this a great life?

It's only a great life if you can share it with just the right one.

Beads anyone?