Saturday, November 17, 2012

We have not updated our blog in several months.  As I was preparing to tell you all about our travels of this past summer, including our second summer in Yellowstone, traveling through the Midwest and our visits to family and special friends in Michigan, something incredible happened.  Someone special came into our lives very suddenly and changed the way we view our lives.

Last Wednesday, Nov. 14 we were driving on I-75 between Atlanta and Macon when we saw two dogs in the median.  I won't go into all the details but we stopped to see if we could get them off the freeway.  Another nice man stopped also and helped to slow the traffic down some.  Tom and the other man braved the interstate traffic and got the two dogs off on to the shoulder.  One of them was badly injured and had to be taken away by animal control.  Sadly he did not make it.  The other one, a beautiful Yellow Lab was slightly injured but ok.  So long story short, she is now part of our lives.  We thought for two days about what we should name her.  Names like Freeway, or I-75 or Hero didn't quite seem to fit.  Tom came up with "Maizy" because she is amazing.  She tried to protect her companion by putting herself in harm's way and stayed by his side until he was taken away.

 She is adjusting well to her new life, so well in fact that she has claimed the couch as her "spot".  She got a check up and shots at the vet yesterday and seems to be in good health.  She is eating well and has already started adding some much needed weight.

Toby was a little apprehensive at first and is still adjusting to having someone else getting so much attention, but as soon as they can work out a peaceful feeding schedule, I think they will become new BFF's.  Everything is cool as long as Maizy leaves his tennis ball alone.