Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Los Algodones Mexico

It was a warm sunny day.  We drove from Sidewinder Road where we were boondocking with other Rvers near Yuma, Az (0n the California side).  Parked at the Quechen Indian parking lot for $5 and walked over the border into Algodones, Mexico .  We went with friends Jim and Linda Mossman.This is the town of Algondones with its narrow, bumpy streets and crowded storefronts.                                                 We ate lunch in a courtyard surrounded by shops and cantinas. Our lunches were delicious and the cost was about $7 US for each of us.  
Jim, Linda, Nancy and Tom                                                                  

A craftsman at work in the town square.
     The line at customs to get back across to the U.S. was short, only about a 30 minute wait.  Viva! Mexico!

Sunrise in the Desert

This sunset was in the California desert west of Yuma Az.Goinggoing   
Almost gone.