Thursday, August 2, 2012

Our last trip to Idaho Falls, 7/20 7/21, one of our tri-weekly shopping trips, was a round trip. Nancy, Toby and I drove the 100 miles to Idaho Falls and Nancy got her Walmart fix. We stayed at a Super 8 Motel,(we get a discount), did some more shopping Saturday morning and headed North. At Rexburg we turned right on the road to Jackson Wyoming through the Grand Tetons. Went up and down some 10% grades over Teton Pass and promised ourselves to NEVER pull the rig over this pass. It was nice to see both East and West west sides of this beautiful mountain range.

The West side of the Grand Tetons traveling East out of Idaho.

 On the down side someone didn't make it.

The view of Jackson from the summit.

Now you know why they call it Jackson Hole.

Jackson is the site of the National Elk Refuge. This arch is made up entirely of the antlers that the male elk sheds in the winter.

A close up of the Grand Teton Glaciers.