Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Real Ft. Yargo

The couple shown here are members of the local historical society. Thier clothing was made by hand, following patterns as old as Fort Yargo.

Yes there is a real Ft. Yargo. What makes this small building a fort is the presence of rifle slots on the front and rear walls about shoulder high and to the right and left doors. The pictures shown above, clockwise are, the front of the building, an interior shot of the fireplace in the single room, a rear view and workers wearing period clothing and using tools from the early 1800s who are busy building a cooking shed. An interesting note; the materials for the shed are from a 100 year old barn that was severly damaged when a tornado ripped through this park. The tornado came through here following hurricane Katrina. Inside the fort is the single room with a stairway that leads to a loft for sleeping. It is said that the ghost of Mr. Humphries, a former resident, can be heard walking around in the loft late at night.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Sunday

Cherry Blossoms and a Daffodil are our Easter Greeting to you. We are going to Eric and LeAnn's for dinner today. More pics of the southern GKs for the blog.
Love to All on this beautiful, but cool Easter Day.