Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wildlife in the park

We took a drive into Yellowstone National Park the other day. Our Michigan friends, Tim and Sally drove out to our RV park in their motorhome so we wanted to take them on a tour. We saw lots of animals, many with the new born babies. Here are some photos that we took.

Mother Bison and her calf.

Saw this elk along the roadway.

This coyote was busy searching for his lunch.

Finally found something. We think is was a small rabbit or a rodent. He snatched it up in a split second.

Yellowstone National Park

We arrived here on May 22 for our summer jobs at Lionshead RV Resort, located seven miles west of Yellowstone's West Gate. It's just a five minute ride into the town of West Yellowstone, Montana and with Tom's Senior Pass, our entry into the park is free. Lionshead RV is located on Targhee Pass Highway, at an elevation of about 6600'. We are just a few miles from the Continental Divide and just minutes from the Idaho state line. Most of the National Park is within Wyoming with parts of it in Montana and Idaho. We are just loving it here. We can look out our windows at snowcapped mountains and beautiful tall pines. I think we're going to like it here.