Sunday, February 17, 2008

One Day at a Time

My physical therapy is progressing, a bit slower than I would like, but I'm moving right along. The twice weekly sessions, along with daily work outs at home are giving me more mobility and range with my arm. I will be starting week 5 tomorrow, and just learned last week that I may need 8 to 10 more weeks of therapy.

On a brighter note, Tom and I will be going to Florida next week for a few days. Tom's niece, Kathy, has a condo in Clearwater and sister Jackie is there too. We are really looking forward to a few days of visiting, talking and eating as well as basking in the Florida sunshine.

More later from Florida.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Surgery and Recovery

Guess it's about time to update again. The month of January has been a challenge for both of us. Since my shoulder surgery on January 3, I have been out of commission but I'm slowly recovering. I do mean slowly. It's been a long, painful process. I'm starting my third week of physical therapy. Each day I am able to move my arm a little more than the day before. Wow, I'm even typing with both hands (sort of). I will have at least three more weeks of therapy. Then I will be mostly recovered, but will have to continue the home therapy for a while.

Tom is an angel. He has kept up with everything around here - the cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry -- everything. I told him that I didn't know he could cook like that. To which he replied, "I guess I screwed up. Now it will be expected of me." Yup. Well, maybe I'll give him a break in a few weeks. He deserves it.