Monday, November 7, 2011

How I spent my summer vacation.

I figured it was time to catch up the Blog. We had an exciting summer at Yellowstone National Park. We got seasonal jobs at Lionshead RV Resort near the West entrance to the park. We were just 7 miles from one of the world's most amazing and picturesque locations. We arrived at Lionshead on May 22. A week later on Memorial weekend we got 9 inches of snow. Our first camping guests were Tim and Sally Tutak, our good friends from forever. They arrived in their motorhome and stayed a few days. We had a couple of opportunities to travel into the Park. We saw lots of bison, some elk, bear and a coyote who was foraging (successfully) for his lunch.

We went to the Wolf and Grizzly Discovery Center in West Yellowstone, Montana. Very informative. We learned a lot about what happens when "stupid" humans do things such as leaving garbage accessible to bears, then they become accustomed to people food and then have to be destroyed or removed to a center such as this -- if there is room for them.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another Trip Into The Park

"Into the park' I think it's safe to say that every town in this area has a park of some kind. However in any of these towns when anyone says they are going into the park it is understood that they are going into Yellowstone National Park. Today, Tuesday july 5, on one of our days off we went into the park.

First stop was at Canyon Village, on the east side of the park, for lunch. As we were leaving the parking lot nancy snapped a picture of this doe who was having her lunch.

No trip to Canyon is complete without a side trip to the canyon itself. Yellowstone,s own "Grand Canyon" was carved into the earth over thousands of years leaving this awesome creation of nature. I know that we have posted our pics of this canyon before (Sept. '09), but every time we see it we see a different view.

This pic was shot across the canyon from at least a quarter mile away. The people on the stairs were there to get a close up view of Lower Falls from the South rim. We were on the North rim. A lot of stairs but the view is worth it. I am still recovering from a broken bone in my leg so I did not want to try the stairs. Maybe later in the season.

This is Lower Falls.

Even Toby was impressed.

Upstream the Yellowstone River is way over it's banks, a result of the record snowfall inthe park this last winter.

The absolutely beautiful Lake Yellowstone.

A cow moose posed for the camera.

Her son couldn't be bothered.

On the way home we saw this old WW2 howitzer that is used for avalanche control. They fire a round into the snow to make it slide before it gets too deep.

A more realistic view of the gun and the awesome mountains at Sylvan Pass. (Arrow & highlight)

Snow in July at Sylvan Pass. (8,500 ft. above sea level)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wildlife in the park

We took a drive into Yellowstone National Park the other day. Our Michigan friends, Tim and Sally drove out to our RV park in their motorhome so we wanted to take them on a tour. We saw lots of animals, many with the new born babies. Here are some photos that we took.

Mother Bison and her calf.

Saw this elk along the roadway.

This coyote was busy searching for his lunch.

Finally found something. We think is was a small rabbit or a rodent. He snatched it up in a split second.

Yellowstone National Park

We arrived here on May 22 for our summer jobs at Lionshead RV Resort, located seven miles west of Yellowstone's West Gate. It's just a five minute ride into the town of West Yellowstone, Montana and with Tom's Senior Pass, our entry into the park is free. Lionshead RV is located on Targhee Pass Highway, at an elevation of about 6600'. We are just a few miles from the Continental Divide and just minutes from the Idaho state line. Most of the National Park is within Wyoming with parts of it in Montana and Idaho. We are just loving it here. We can look out our windows at snowcapped mountains and beautiful tall pines. I think we're going to like it here.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Road trip to Yellowstone

We left Conroe, Texas north of Houston on Saturday, May 14 to begin the long trip to Yellowstone National Park. We will be working at an RV resort just outside the west gate of Yellowstone National Park this summer. We had great weather on our trip. And considering all the terrible storms through the Midwest recently, we felt like our Guardian Angels were watching over us. The weather was clear and dry and the truck ran perfectly. We stopped over in Cheyenne, Wyoming for three days for a much needed rest and had a wonderful visit with Nan's sister Marsha.

Marsha and Tom with Cassie and Toby

Cassie and Toby posing for a picture. They got along great.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday before Mardi Gras

Ten vehicles left Betty's RV park and made a convoy to a farm just outside the town of Church Pointe La. for a Mardi Gras parade and "Chicken Run". We got our vehicles parked and were given an area to ourselves between two farm buildings, which was great becaus it was a cool, breezy morning.

Below are Boomers, Rich & Terri Deacon. Terri, with her loud whistle, is our official attention getter. It's a fingers under the tongue thing.

Where there are Boomers there is FOOD!
The folks who owned the property had a party set up on one side of the farm and roasted a couple of pigs.

We were set up on the other side and had a grill set up. Everyone brought their own food (a lot of which was shared) and each had a cooler full of assorted beverages.

We were close to the end of the parade route and the first to arrive were the "Revelers".

Nancy trying to steal a turkey leg from a reveler.

Somewhere under this group is a panicky chicken that will be part of the night's gumbo.

Betty Bernard, the owner of Betty's RV park has as much fun, if not more, than the rest of us.

Watch for flying beads!

Tom & Nancy doing Jello Shots also from the floats. At a certain point we got tired of catching beads & started yelling "Throw Beer". Only one guy threw a can of Bud Light. Tom thoroughly enjoyed it.

Anything goes!

Boomer Joyce Space caught an unusual ride.

These folks have had a long hard ride and they are still smiling.

Nancy Tidball wearing her catch.

Nancy and French Canadian friend Jean Pierre.

Aint this a great life?

It's only a great life if you can share it with just the right one.

Beads anyone?